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|EK| Nighthawk 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 24th Jun 2012
Hi dear members,

as u know the clan is pretty much messed up at the moment. So we all want to fix the problems.
First action we took is to ban or kick some members we dont actually need, like the hacker Crash.

I want that when u invite someone for the clan u have to duscuss this first with the other clan members. So dont talk ingame to someone to add him to the clan. If someone ask if he can join us then we have to say sorry becaus we first have to check him etcetera.

Second point is that we dont change the config lines in-game. So Kickass/Sneaker dont typ things as !setgroups or something. and never use the !protect line to kick an member or something. And never kick someone becaus he is too damn good and he beats us all up. Thats the game, and even a server admin has to deal with it.

So far, when u have to add an rule then comment.

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